This educational program is designed to meet the requirements for Class A CE credit.

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Combining Clinical, Wellness, & Business in One Amazing Location


Choose Your Days to Play - No Inflated Tuition for Daily Rates

Featuring: The Only Oceanfront Hotel for Nearly a Mile in Either Direction

2nd Annual Myrtle Beach a la carte
CRNA Continuing Education
June 7 - 11, 2020
Choose your days to play:
1 Day Wellness 
3 Days Clinical
1 Day Business
5 Days - 28 CE Credits
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Early discount ends March 15

Serving CRNAs with a passion for top-notch clinical content and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Wellness includes the impact of PTSD in our profession and discusses effective stress management techniques to maintain wellness in these one-of-a-kind care for the caregiver sessions.

Clinical includes obstetrics, airway management, awake intubation, ERAS, anesthesia monitoring, neuromuscular blockade, and other pertinent topics.

Business of Anesthesia explores practice management, leadership, negotiations, start-ups,

and understanding the impact of economics, insurance, and industry regulations.

 - Discounted rates during peak season - 
Featuring the Island Vista Resort
 - Island-like seclusion - 


As the only oceanfront hotel for nearly a mile in either direction, the Island Vista Resort feels like a stay on a secluded luxury island – while being mere minutes from the heartbeat of downtown Myrtle Beach.

Daily Attendance Rates
 - 6 CE Credits per day with a bonus 4 credits Sunday afternoon - 


No more inflated fees for daily attendance! It's simple, choose the days that interest you. Take a day off and sit by the pool or frolic with your children. It's okay, we want to hear about your fun time upon your return!

 - Tuition fees for the days you choose -